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Agenfap is a training agency, founded in 2004, in Rome.
We promote and spread the development and innovation of knowledge to support companies and professionals in increasing their competitive capacity, with particular attention to the world of digital and social organization.

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Agenfap will contribute in terms of specific know-how on the use of Brand Storytelling, being the leader of the Intellectual Output n 1 (Digital storytelling laboratories to stimulate critical thinking on the issue of Gender Stereotypes) because it holds the main task which is to design the Digital ST Media Labs appropriately adapting them to both the target group and the purpose of the project.

Arjantin Ilkokulu (public school) was constituted in 1968 and it is located in the center of the capital Ankara. The education staff of school consists of 36 teachers. There is also a manager, deputy director and two mentors. There are 725 students (between 7-11 Ages) in our school. Also preschool size is 39 students. Gender of students: 379 boys, 346 girls. Arjantin Ilkokulu aims raising individuals who have basic knowledge and skill, are curious, equipped and creative.

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Consorzio Ro.Ma. is a non-profit Vocational Education and Training provider, founded in 2003. It is certified as training and job services provided by the Lazio and Campania Regional Councils (competent Authorities for EQF and ECVET). Consorzio Ro.Ma. designs and delivers training courses and guidance services at various levels: Vocational Education and Training, School Education, Adult Education. Its activities focus on the labour market and social inclusion of groups at risk: NEETs, low-qualifications/skills, long-term unemployed, migration background, disabilities, and it builds its activities on different key levels of action.

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In Diogenes project, Consorzio Ro.Ma. is responsible for the Quality Assurance and Evaluation monitoring and for creating a detailed and final implementation of the laboratories on gender stereotypes, including the Teaching Learning Resources and guidelines on designing and evaluation of the activities, to guide teachers in a very practical mode.

The People for Change Foundation (PfC) is a Malta-based human rights think tank specialising in research, advocacy, and capacity building. Our work includes an inter-disciplinary analysis of contemporary human rights issues as well as a multilateral process involving stakeholders and institutions at national and international levels. We are the National Focal Point for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRANET) in Malta, where we provide research on the national fundamental rights context. We also serve as the National Coordinator for the European Website on Integration (EWSI), where we provide up-to-date information on migrant integration and best practices in Malta.

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As a part of the Diogenes project, the PfC will:
Create informative video lessons on gender stereotyping.
Provide a theoretical overview of the significance and effectiveness of “Digital Story Telling” as a teaching method for increasing awareness about Gender Stereotyping.
Make a “to-do” and “not to-do” list, focusing on key strategic elements to combat gender stereotyping, and share it with the focus group.
Recounting and sharing PfC’s own experiences in the field of raising awareness against gender stereotyping.
Host various training events on “Social Media Storytelling and Campaigning” against gender stereotyping at its headquarters in Malta.

We are primary school situated in the country in Poland, the Southwest of Great Poland with 235 students attending it and 31-persons staff. Our students are age from 6-15 years old.  We are one of the biggest school in Przygodzice Commune. The school is in the centre of the country’s cultural life, which is highly involved in varied actions and deeply rooted in the community of the country people. We provide our students with a broad educational offer. They can develop their interests and increase knowledge in many fields as well as find assistance in overcoming their problems.

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Our school is responsible for the total management of the project. We are taking care of checking the work plan and its updating of the financial guidelines, the meeting minutes and technical reports, administrative management and budgetary control.
We also maintain relations with the Polish National Agency, will Pilot the workshops and will be the Leader of O3_A1 and O3_A2 and O3_A3. Our school will organize Multiplier Event in Jankow Przygodzki.

The University of Iceland is the largest university in Iceland. It has five schools with both undergraduate and post-graduate teaching in most academic fields. The University’s Centre for Ethics is a research institution, which for decades has been a venue for inter-disciplinary collaboration. The centre has affiliated researchers in academic positions as well as a significant number of post-graduate students. Recently, work on critical thinking has become a very important part of the centre’s activity. Seminars have been organized, books published, and media presence established.

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On behalf of the centre, Dr Henry Alexander Henrysson will take part in DIOGENES. His role will be to consult on the intellectual outputs directly connected to updating teachers’ skills on the basic elements of critical thinking and to train teachers on the topic and its application. He will also supervise the monitoring of the quality of project products and outputs.